Question BIOS on wrong screen on first boot


Jul 27, 2017
I've been having this problem for a while now where my BIOS boots on the wrong monitor for the first boot. So I have 2 monitors, 1 is connected with DisplayPort and the other one with HDMI. I have a GTX 1070 TI. I don't have a problem with the BIOS booting on my second monitor but it causes my Nvidea Geforce Experience to record my second monitor.

A few months ago I saw something on plugging the monitors in different orders and that worked until a few months ago. I upgraded my motherboard and also updated to Windows 11 but I can't remember if the problem started again after the upgrade or the windows update.

So my current solution is to turn off my second monitor and then turn on my PC but the BIOS doesn't show up on my main monitor and goes into WIndows after a few seconds. So then I restart my PC and then the bios shows up on main monitor and then I can turn on my second monitor again. Even if windows shows my main display my actual main display it doesn't matter if my boots and the BIOS is on my second monitor.

I have searched this many times only finding the same solutions like the plugging the displays in different orders or selecting the main display in NVidea control pannel or in windows settings. Is there a way to fix this or is the only other solution to buy a new graphics card?


I understand your issue.
I had two monitors, one of which is mounted vertically rotated 90 degrees.
When the bios shows up the orientation is off and it was the devil to navigate.
I bypassed the problem as you did by powering off the offending monitor.
The offending side monitor was dp and the main monitor was hdmi.

It turns out that every graphics card will have an order in which it tries to display the bios.
I think the default was a dp connection first, then hdmi.
HDMI to dp adapters did not work.

I ultimately solved the issue by swapping out the dp side monitor for a hdmi monitor and swapping the hdmi connections around.

If your dp monitor can connect via hdmi, you may have a solution.
There's no way to fix this behavior. The video card will go through each port in the same order until it sees there's a monitor "connected" to it and show the pre-boot environment on that.

This is likely baked into the vBIOS and you can't configure that.