Question BIOS only recognizes my hard drive the first time I plug it in

Oct 2, 2021
I upgraded my acer all-in-one HDD to SSD, now when I plug my SSD into the motherboard it works great and boots up the first time and also boots with a restart, but when I cold boot it, then it says "Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected device and press a key" and won't boot (and in the BIOS under Boot Options, Hard Disk Drive Priority is empty), until I change the SSD for my HDD, and then it will boot fine the first time but if I turn it off, it will give me the same message when I try to start it up again. The only way to get the computer working is to swap out the HD's and then either one will work fine and also boot up with a restart (soft boot), but when I turn it off it won't boot up again with either HD, until it's changed for the other. Any help will be much appreciated.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Did you clone the OS or reinstall the OS after the storage change n your AIO? Model for your Acer AIO system? BIOS version for the AIO in question? Make and model of your SSD and HDD used? If on Windows 10, what version are you currently on?