BIOS problem send to forum

Jacques van Gorp

Nov 22, 2010
After Setting up the BIOS boot sequence to "USB first" my DELL Inspiron 6400 started normally.
However later on I made (perhaps) a mistake by plugging in a mouse at USB while the Laptop was active.
The result was that either touch pad (internal mouse) but also external connected mouse failed to
act anymore!
Restarting again delivers the error message "Invalid Configuration information please run setup" on the screen.
The problem is that there is NO reaction pushing function keys F2 (setup BIOS), F5(test) or F12 (boot menu)!!!
What can be the reason of these mistake?
Even more important question: what is the remedy, in other words how to reset the BIOS in this specific situation??
Unplug your mouse and restart. If you get into windows, check the device manager in the control panel for conflicts. Uninstall any devices with a mark next to them, and shutdown the system and plug in the mouse. Then try rebooting and let windows try installing the mouse again.

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