Question BIOS problems

Apr 14, 2020
Hey guys just kinda put together a setup that ive been encountering a problem with every now and then with my BIOS.
Ryzen 5 2600x
Cpu fan that came with ryzen 5
Msi gtx 1070 armour oc 8gb (old)
Asrock b450 fatal1ty gaming k4
Ballistix gaming 8x2 ddr4 3200
WD blue 1tb hhd (old)
Adata ssd 120gb (old)
3 120mm fan (old)
Kb, mouse, 32” monitor, headset

Overclocking mode is off but core performance boost is on. I am on xmp 3000 on my ram.

My problem seems to happen every few times i change my bios settings. I go to save and exit then the screen goes to black, my monitor on/off button flashes indicating no signal and it turns off, the whole pc is still on indicated by case fan still spinning, led on mobo still flashing, the stock CPU fan speed turn to max for some reason but no heat when i try to feel it, and when i try to hold the power button to do hard shutdown, no matter how long, it wont do it forcing me to actually turn off the psu.

If i do turn off the psu, wait a little then turn it back on and turn the Pc on, it seems like everything is fine all my last bios changes saved and it boot to desktop like normal.

I did recently switched from my old intel i7 to this ryzen setup and I did do a fresh window install if that changes anything. Any comments or thoughts to why this is happening would help.



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