Question Bios problems

Jan 23, 2022
For the longest time, my pc has been performing terribly as I get like 30 frames in an east game for 3060 ti. this game being genshin impact. The way I found to fix my problem was to update the bios, but whenever I want to play games I need to update the bios. it is like it keeps resetting back to the old updated to something like that because I keep having to update the bios manually if I want the PC to run normally. I think something I wrong with the chipset as the fan is not running and the fan runs normally after I updated it. I just replaced the power supply so it can not be that either. Can someone help me?

Spec x570 elite from aorus, 3060 ti, 32 gigs of vengeance ram, x5800 and CPU, and 750 evga gold