Apr 21, 2020
I understand this problem might seem common at first, but I’ve been completely stumped by it.
One of my hard drives, a SeaGate 1Tb hard drive 2.5inch (it’s a desktop, I’m using the 2.5 inch because it was cheaper at the time) suddenly stopped working. Windows forced a restart, but It never rebooted.
Using the bios I could see the drive wasn’t showing up, even after buying and replacing the cables, and switching the SATA ports on the motherboard. I have one other Hard drive, which is a WD black 1Tb and that will show up just fine on all the SATA ports.

I plugged the hard drive into my laptop to see if it was damaged, but all files were intact. I reset the cmos battery, and re-installed the latest bios from Asus, yet it continues to not show up. I cannot find a way to install the SATA drivers for the motherboard (it’s a ROG Strix B350 f) without using windows, which I can’t use, since it’s on the drive that won’t boot, I tried using USB, still won’t show up as ASUS downloads the file as an application file not a .CAP

I don’t know if there are any solutions left, other than cloning the hard drive, and buying a replacement, but I really don’t want to do this, considering the data is all intact on the drive when I checked it on my laptop.
If anyone can help, thank you so much.