BIOS settings flashed after installing a driver and couldn't load Wind


Jul 22, 2008
Hi Everybody,
I do have a Compaq Presario C505TU Laptop with the following specifications:

Intel Dual Core,2GB RAM,160 GB HDD.

My Laptop is running on Dual Operating System:

D-Drive: Windows Server 2003 (Oracle11i E-Business Suite software)
E-Drive: WindowsXP (For General Purpose).

Thing is like after Installing this 2 Operating Systems,i have installed Audio and Video drivers successfully.
Since i had no accurate drivers for installing WLAN drivers, i called up to HP Tech Support and i had an Online Chat with the tech person.The tech guy has given some 2 drivers,which i had installed and later the second driver which is for the BIOS update.The tech guy said i need to install this BIOS update driver.I had confirmed and reconfirmed whether there is any data loss in my laptop.The guy said there won't be any loss and told to install the driver.Once i installed the BIOS UPDATE driver ,the driver has flashed my BIOS and totally messed up my laptop.Later the next day i had chatted again with another tech guy and they said that is the wrong driver and the new guy has suggest the appropiate driver for my laptop.It was really disgusting since i couldn't log on to my Windows and do my job.

So, i need some help in this issue.How can restore my BIOS settings back to normal and keep my laptop running Windows.

So, when i started booting up my system with the BOOTABLE XP CD,its booting up and later it throws an error message "Your HDD are not detected,check if it is properly connected or not".Please help me in this regard if any one can sort out this and make my laptop work to its Normal stage.

Thanks all,
Balaji Goli,
From what I could gather of your post, you have flashed your lap's bios. By doing so, you change the way your machine's hardware interacts with the OS's, and that is likely the reason your OS drivers no longer work. If you would like to undo the change, you would need the old BIOS file, and for that you will have to ask HP again.
I am guessing you aren't considering re-installing your OS (that would probably solve the issue). If you are, keep in mind that if your laptops HDD is SATA, you may have to burn a windows XP install disc WITH the sata controller drivers in it(Usually the drivers are loaded from a diskette, but the laptop won't have a Diskette drive).
You could also try a FIX, using the XP disk, though I don't really think that will solve the issue.


Nov 23, 2008
Old Bios or reinstalling the OS.The new Bios just doesnt recognize your SATA controller you need to reinstall it and see what happends.Like said before me burn the drivers with the xp bootable cd and then when installation starts(the blue screen) you will see “Press F6 if you need to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver…” install the drivers from cd if no floppy like in your case and the HDD drive will be recognized