Jul 7, 2021
Hi I am hoping someone might be able to help.

Basically i updated my rog strix b450-f motherboard with the latest bios 4402 (wish I hadn't!) since then every time there is no power to the PC (power cable detached or mains plug switched off) it forgets the bios settings.

Just shutting down the pc is fine as long as I don't cut all power. I have replaced the mobo battery with a brand new one and that didn't help.

Also the only way to get post after removing power is to remove one of my ram 8gb Corsair sticks otherwise boot gets stuck cycling through ram.

Once booted with one stick of ram (doesn't matter which stick or which socket) I have to go into bios and set D.O.C.P standard to on, save and shutdown then add my other stick of ram again.

After that all runs perfectly until there is no power again. I can shutdown and startup no problem it is only when there is no mains power at all.

Time is remembered in the bios as well so I and really stuck. All components are new and only about 5 months old. Power supply is 700w.

So what is it that is making the BIOS forget settings when no power? It was absolutely fine with no issues until I updated. I was on 4007 but cant even go back to that version apparently!
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