Question Bios settings won't save and AIO cooler fans keep reseting.


Mar 28, 2017
This happened 2 days ago just browsing the web and I get BSOD and the pc restarts and I get the bios followed by a blinking cursor, upon further investigation I figure out the SSD has been shot so I ordered a new one and installed windows and everything is working well. After that I went into bios and overclocked my cpu and ram and saved setting however after restart it powercycled once and started also did not save the settings I put in.

Suddenly I notice my AIO cooler fans stopped after a few seconds they start again i searched online and found the power options and disabled the 'usb selective' option but it didnt work, then I tried clearing CMOS removed the battery and reset bios after I updated the bios but after restart the pc won't boot up and it showed the VGA led light on the 'EZ DEBUG LED' but after hitting the restart button it booted up fine. As of now my pc is running fine but I still think there is an ISSUE.

Ryzen 2600x
Msi B450 gaming carbon pro ac mobo
8*2gb adata xpg ram default to 2666
Cooler master v750 power supply

Update- Disconnected my fans from the AIO connecter and connected on the Mobo directly, all is working good but when i try to overclock my RAM it resets my BIOS.
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Cooler master is the brand of the PSU while 750W is the wattage of the unit. Might want to parse the age of the unit and the model of the PSU. You will also need to parse the BIOS version for the motherboard, at the time of writing.