Question BIOS Showing up on Wrong Screen


Hey Guys,

I just bought a second monitor that I have installed vertically. For some reason, my BIOS shows up on the second (vertical) monitor instead of my main primary one.

Edit: My primary monitor is already set to 1* on Nvidia Control Panel as well as on Windows.

Do any of you know a fix for this?
An interesting problem.
What is your graphics card?

Here are some thoughts:

a. Where the bios displays is set before windows gets control.
So the windows primary/secondary setting is not applicable.

b. When you do need to access the bios, leave the vertical monitor powered off.

c. A graphics card will have a default order in which to select the bios screen. Is there a bios option to change this?
Is there a firmware fix from the graphics card vendor to change the order?

d. Do nothing. You will normally be frequently needing to enter/read the bios.
Turn your head to read the bios or rotate the display while you do.

e. Are there multiple dp or hdmi options on the graphics card? can you change the order to your advantage.