Question BIOS shows windows installed in HDD but actually installed in Ssd causing BSODs

Jun 8, 2020
Hello everyone, it has been a while my Computer is dying. I don't know what's actually the cause. Recently my computer runs into lots of BSOD. Even if I try to play games I get BSODs and GPU wattage throttles. I had sent the pc to the Computer shop, they told me that it was a fault of GPU. I haven't received my rx580 yet due to prevailing lockdown. But today I was looking over the BIOS, I found something strange. I have actually installed the Windows on Ssd. BX550 Crucial. When I move over the boot menu and I select it, it says windows not installed. If I choose HDD Toshiba. It loads the windows but appears the Windows is installed in Ssd. What the crap is going on?? I can't understand. It getting quite hard to find the culprit. If it's not the fault of GPU, thn why causing lots of BSODs. Help me!! The ram is fine I have tested it with memtest.

CPU : Amd ryzen 5 1600
Ram : 16gb (2x8GB) 3GHz
SSD: Crucial BX550 250Gb
HDD: Toshiba 1TB + 500GB
GPU : currently GT610( cuz my Rx580 is out for warranty)
PSU: Cooler master Mwe 550
Motherboard : Asus EX A320M Gaming