Question BIOS splash screen doesn't show after installing a 6700 XT ?


Jun 14, 2015
So last week I installed a 6700 XT and I noticed I no longer get a display until the Windows log in screen appears. No MB splash screen like " Press DEL to enter bios".
The only way i can see splash screen is if i unplug the DisplayPort cable, leave the HDMI plugged in and then boot the PC.

So did i miss something when i downloaded the AMD drivers because it's strange that with the DP cable plugged in I can't see the splash screen.

My specs are as follows
MB: Asrock Steel Legend B450M with 4.30 bios (going to update cpu in future)
CPU: Ryzen 2700x
RAM:32 GB's
GPU: 6700 XT

I am using a dual monitor set up, one is a HDMI-only monitor and the other is a new one with DisplayPort.

Any ideas why this is happening ? thanks in advance.