Question BIOS stuck on "Hit Control I to go to the configuration raid utility" ?


Nov 12, 2012
Hey Im trying to help a buddy of mine with his very old Dell Alienware computer. I've got it to boot, that wasn't working, but now its just stuck on a screen that says "hit control I to go to the configuration raid utility." Control-I doesn't actually advance it, and trying to hit f2 and f12 to get to the boot or support doesn't do anything either. It's almost like the keyboard isn't being registered but num lock is turning off and on so Im not sure. And I've tried three different keyboards so I dont think its that.

Just not sure how to get past the screen and what could be the issue? His RAM was only registering at 8 gigs when he has 16, but he may not have had it seated, i dont know, I was trying to work with him over discord but he's now got the physical machine over and I can't seem to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. There is a blue light blinking in the machine next to the "debug" area, so im not sure if that's a sign either.