Bios type: asus ami how to update this


Nov 22, 2011
Is there anyway I can update BIOS type Asus AMI?? My comptuer tells me it is not installed. However the computer comes up and seems to work. But it does freeze up from time to time. I have windows 7 on it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


You need to go to asus website and download "ez flash 2" bios flash utility. Then download the latest bios version (the one at the top) if your board doesn't have it. Before flashing, check your bios file number at the post screen. If it's the latest, do not flash. There's always the risk of a dead motherboard when a flash goes bad. You must also check the bios and disable any "boot block" or "virus protection" settings first. Once the flash program starts, you will see a small black window appear. Do not touch anything until the program finishes and instructs you to reboot, or it will do it automatically. It may also prompt you to save the original bios file. You may do so with a floppy disk or usb flash drive or skip this and proceed. Good luck.