Bios update Fail


Mar 8, 2016
Hi guys,

After installing new ram and a new graphics card I needed to do a bios update for compatibility. In the middle of the bios update my apartment decided to lose power, probably the worst timing I've ever experienced. Now when I start my computer there is no video signal, the screen stays black. I tried resetting the CMOS, running the video cable straight from the mobo instead of the gcard, but nothing still. I'm really hoping I don't need to buy a new motherboard but I was just reaching out to see if there are any other options for me or tests I can run to determine if the board is bricked. Also, my keyboard is doing some unusual light patterns that I have never seen before, not sure if it's relevant but thought I might add it anyways.

Ryzen5 1600
rtx 2070
msi b350 tomahawk
16gigs ram ddr4 3200
coolermaster lc240e
evga 750 watt PS

Thanks for any comments or advice


Check your motherboard manual to see if there are instructions related to a backup BIOS, unbrick procedure or other such thing. If there isn't, then your options are either re-flashing the I2S BIOS chip using an external programmer or buying a new motherboard.


I had a BIOS flash go wrong on an MSI board thanks to an incompatibility with a USB keyboard. I ended up calling MSI tech support and was told to unplug it (it was frozen mid flash). They said if it bricked I could send it to them and they could reflash it for me. I lucked out and I just had to reflash the previous BIOS then the latest one. However based on my experience, you may want to call MSI they may recover your board for you. Although the downside would be you would still be with a board for a short period of time.



I lucked out and was able to reflash the board myself, my board was not bricked. So none of that was necessary. However MSI did offer to fix it for me in the case that my board was bricked.