BIOS Update for Asrock Z370 Killer sli/ac


Jan 29, 2012
Hi there.

Currently have an asrock z370 killer sli/ac housing an i7-8086k processsor but I'm looking to sell it off relatively soon and upgrade to the upcoming 9900k. I know the new chip will be compatible with z370 boards but I would need to download the latest BIOS update (3.20), correct?

Is it difficult to download this update? I looked at the "how to" section on the asrock website but it says that I shouldn't try to download updates if my system is working correctly. I've also read some horror stories of people trying to update their BIOS on other boards and bricking their motherboard.

Is the 3.20 update what I need for the 9th generation cpu's? Can anyone recommend a user friendly guide for updating your BIOS? And lastly, is it really that risky trying to do this myself? I wouldn't want to ruin my system over it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice.
The general rule is to leave it alone unless you need to update it-with my ryzen I think last time I updated my bios was 4-5 months ago. With that said you do have a need to update it-you are planning to go for a 9th gen cpu which will require a bios update so you have no choice.

Every manufacturer has variations on how to update the bios. Just make sure you follow the instructions provided and don't try to take shortcuts. It is a sensitive process that has the potential to brick your system but only if you REALLY mess it up.


Jan 1, 2014
I meself have a z370 killer sli mb
have done 2 bios updates so far on meh z370 mb and a few on other boards!
safest way I think is usb flash update making sure u copy the downloaded & unzipped bios version to usb thumb drive that's been freshly reformatted and so, enter bios and find instant flash and wallah it should reconise and press ok to proceed and yerp new bios and functions too.

things I fear when wanting to do a bios update, storms ie power loss
internet update + lose of connection = dead mb, go for the usb method I'll SAY!

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