Bios update not recognized?????


Dec 8, 2011
I attempted to update the bios on an Inspiron 5100 laptop today, as I am installing new RAM. Followed other's advice to update to A22 first, then A32 (or 31). I burned the ISO file to a CD (at least I think I did),and booted from this CD; the laptop went through a "process" for about 10 minutes and everything seemed normal - usual desktop icons, everything seemed to work OK. I was elated until I checked the bios version, which hadn't changed. Just in case, I tried to update to A31 and got an error message, something about an unsupported version.

It would seem that A22 didn't get installed. Any ideas???
It is extremely unusual for someone to update the bios and not have the update change the BIOS version number.

Take the CD and put it in a CD drive while booted up in windows and read the files on the disk and tell me what they are.

- Edit - I just wanted to say that you will have absolutely no other visual verification that this process happened successfully other than the BIOS version number. From what you can see about the workings of the computer, absolutely nothing will change. The icons and everything will be exactly the same as they were before.