Question BIOS update question and rpm display incorrect ?


Feb 19, 2019
Hi all.

I have an Msi Z490 Unify and yesterday I updated to the latest BIOS. It finished without any error. But when the pc rebooted it did not enter into the bios. It booted into Windows normally. Aftet I have restarted and entered into the bios everything was set back to default. And the new Version was matched with the updated one. So far I have updated bios on any other motherboard it always entered into the bios or show screen like f1 continue f2 enter setup. But this one booted into windows normally.

Is this normal? And I have nothing to worry?

Also my other concern:
I am not sure if it is belong to motherboard or cooling category(already I asked there)
So, yesterday I realized that in the bios that shows the cpu fan's rpm is 0. Also shows the HWINFO as well. The fan is spinning normally. Everything is connected into the right headers. When I do stressing the Cpu the rpm shows up in Hwfinfo how it supposed to be. As soon the cpu is in idle again it shows 0rpm. Or even disappear.
The Cpu temps are normal. In idle around between 35 and 40 celsius degrees.

My specs:
Motherboard: Msi Z490 Unify
Cpu: I7 10700k
Vga: Msi Rtx 2080 Ti GamingX Trio
Ssd: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1tb M.2
Hdd: 2tb Wd Black
Memory: 2x16gb Hyperx Fury 3200mhz
Psu: Seasonic Focus Plus PX 850w Platinum
Case: BeQuiet Pure Base 500Dx

Thanks for Your replies.