Bios update with no DOS??


Dec 4, 2001
How are you supposed to update your bios from a true DOS enviroment, when you, as far as I have found, Dont HAVE the option in Win2k??

Am I missing some little trick that allows you to do it, or can they actually be ran from a window setup in the command prompt????

To Be or Not to be... DAMN but that is confusing!


Dec 31, 2007
You do this by using an older startup disk that already has DOS on the floppy. You either add the new BIOS and the BIOS flash manager to that floppy, or after booting with the startup disk, access a second floppy that contains the BIOS and Flash Manager from the Command Line.

I prefer the second method, as this keeps the startup disk intact, and unaltered.

I've used DOS 6.22 disks to do this, as well as newer Win95/98 startup disks that have a more limited version of MS-DOS.

This means you must change your boot device order in the BIOS to floppy first, if it is not already set up this way. And many BIOS versions must be temporarily set to be flashable with a BIOS setting before the flashing can be done. Or nothing will happen.

You can download a bootdisk <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>, if one is not available.

One of the reasons that this is confusing is because many people don't realize just how small a DOS operating system was. The files for the entire OS fit on a floppy, with room to spare.

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