Bios Update


Apr 4, 2005
I hope I am in the right forum. I need to know how to go about updating the Bios. I would appreciate any guidance and suggestions..Thank you...Skye01


Dec 8, 2002
Best place to start would be at the manufacturers website. They should have instructions and the updates for your motherboard.

....WW (5.0)
I agree with WW and would like to add a BIOS flash is one of the most serious things you can do to a M/B, do it wrong and your M/B is toast, follow your M/B manufacturers instructions to the letter, also look in the BIOS flashes history and see if the new flash fixes something you need fixed, if it doesn't then don't worry about flashing with a BIOS flash thats not going to benefit you at all.

Unfortunately some M/B manufacturers don't really tell you what the BIOS flash fixes but most do, heres the most important things for you to know, download the flash you need and the flash you're presently running just in case something goes wrong, and remember this, during the flash if it doesn't complete, <b><font color=red>DO NOT TURN THE COMPUTER OFF</font color=red></b>, you can always restart the flash program but if you turn off the computer with a bad flash its toast.


Dec 31, 2002
Would agree with most of the post. However, depending on your MB, you may not be toast. Dual BIOS has been one of the best inventions ever. Another great innovation has been MSI live bios (if you have an MSI board). It allows flashing the bios options of dos or inside windows.

I too, would stress the power issue. Only bad things come from power interruptus during a bios flash.

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