Bios updating, plz help!


Jan 20, 2005
I just got my new pc stuff;

ocz 2gb 1066mhz ram
bfg 680i
500gb hdd

i need to update the bios but do i update each of them in order, or just the newest. The older ones are larger files than the newer ones which kinda confused me as if the newer ones inculded the older updates surley they would be larger files.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

When you flash your bios, the old file is saved to your PC and the BIOS is completely re-written with a new file. You should be able to go right to the newest one that is COMPATABLE WITH YOUR BOARD AND REVISION. <<<<This is important.
Don't flash a bios for a "revison c" board to board that is "revison b".
If in doubt, call the manufacturer, or email and ask them.

BE CAREFUL...botched bios update = dead motherboard. Period. Finished. Game over.

The very best advice regarding BIOS updates is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"


Aug 26, 2007
I agree with jitpublisher, I'd only think of flashing a Bios if you are changing cores or doing something major or fixing a REAL problem and you thoroughly research your rev of board on the company's website, and look into updating the chipset too, and see what order your board needs them done in (chipset or Bios first to preserve your filesystem). Asus website has great support for this kind of stuff, needed to do it when I went from A64 2800+ single core to an Opty 165 dual core. For my board you grab the newest stuff, I didn't need to go up an upgrade ladder, it all gets wiped as jitpublisher said. I was confused about that too! All the files were there, and it looked like I had to update the Bios in "steps" and I though, what a pain in the ***! LOL.