Bios updating


Jun 21, 2009
Hi all,

I emailed PNY the other day because my GTX 285 has been crashing in games saying display driver not working, they got back to me saying i need to update the BIOS and Chipset on my motherboard :\ first time i new this would do anything to help!

Anyways they sent me this link and said update it.

I really dnt see this helping at all and i have no idea how to update my BIOS, the website even says if i do it wrong i can break my PC, why would PNY insist i do this? It seems more risky for me to even try this!

Can anyone help?

My ASUS Rampage formula says something about easy BIOS tweaking but i havent a clue how to do it, can i use a normal USB stick?

Thanks all
Try some other drivers for the video card from the Nvdia or PNY site. Use the app driver cleaner or driver remover after you uninstall your current drivers and remove anything Nvidia before installing the new drivers.

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