BIOS virus or memory issue or ???


Jul 22, 2011
The machine is GA-x58A-UD3R/Intel x58/ATX 6 DDR3 Corsair/2SATA 6gbs...
Anyway the whole thing was running fine for a year until yesterday.
And yesterday lots of weird stuff started to happen at start-up.
The machine may: randomly freeze at any point of time during the start up; boot successfully; boot successfully but then restart again; or boot and show me a blue screen of death.
I figured may be my dumb kid was tweaking bios somehow, so I reset it to default "fail-safe settings", did not help.
Then i reinstalled the system (win7home), no change.
Then, just to be sure, I re-formatted the hard drive and reinstalled it again. Same things keep happening, at a random pace.
My guesses are something is really screwed up with memory, or some bios virus.
But i would appreciate some guidance on what to do next.