Bios went wrong

Feb 10, 2019
Hi I was testing the new gpu looking for the temperature.

After a week I tryed to see what temperature reached after a gaming session but al suite 2 didn't want to start,
I tryed to start it with windows 7 compatibility and lucky it started. Clicking on thermal monitor it gave me an error about something I don't remember so I decided to update the bios and try it again. From now on everything went wrong because of my lack of conscience.

During download the BIOS using al suite tool the installation bar stopped at half way I thought that was stuck forever there. (even for windows 10 it crashed)

I decided to restart from the Powe button but then didn't want restart.

I try to unplug the motherboard from electricity and plug it back.

pc started again but monitor and other thing such as keyboard doesn't start.

Only the lights inside the case the CD reader and the fans both, cpu, case and gpu work. If someone can save me from buying another mobo it'll be my God.

The motherbord is a saberthoot 990fx 2.0 sorry for my bad English.

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