BIOS will not display after entering

Jan 14, 2019
This is my first post to a tech forum so if I am in the wrong area please help redirect me.
My computer worked normally before I had a new hard drive installed. After it was installed though I turned on my computer my screen was completely different, none of the programs i had were there and even the background was different. I have been told it is because my computer is now booting from the new hard drive instead of the original. My boot sequence seems to have gotten mixed up with in this whole process. It's an easy fix from what I have read. The computer boots fine everything works except when I try and get to my BIOS menu, once I enter the menu my monitor displays no video. HDMI and VGA cables both give me the same response and I have tried connecting the cables to my graphics card and motherboard but still nothing.
I will not be home to access my computer until later tonight to post specs but if anyone has any advice I greatly appreciate it.
Was that an additional disk?
Did you replaced the main OS disk with a new disk?
If that was the case, has the old disk failed?
If the old disk was in working condition, then it could had been clone into the new disk and everything would have remained as it was, no differences.

If your system has only one disk, why are you trying to access the BIOS?

Windows 10 "Fast Startup" might prevent you from accessing the BIOS. Disable it and see if you are able to enter the BIOS.