Question BIOS, Windows Update, Hard Drive Failure?


May 3, 2018
I am at a loss, really frustrated and I have no clue what to do!

I built my PC over a year ago following a combination of online support and YouTube. I thought it would be cool to build a powerful or somewhat powerful computer to make my life easier but now that it’s broken I have zero clue how to fix it!

I was out of town for couple of days, when I got back and tried to turn on my computer it went into a black screen stating that boot device (hard drive) was not being recognized! Obviously I did an online search and messed in my central MSI motherboard BIOS setting to try and fix it, but I did so much of it it kicked me out and now automatically turns on only to CD/DVD boot device option.

I found a CD online for windows ten boot device and repair, hoping that would work, I bought it, but it just takes me to a black screen after a while with no control options.

I bough a new hard drive so I am ready to replace it but I am hoping there might be other solutions before I give up, please help.