Biostar 790GX 128m


Jan 2, 2008
I bought the AMD 720BE combo with this board and I love it (unlocked the fourth core)
I have used the built in hardware oc utility to no avail , so I started cracking the BIOS (or so I thought)

I have upped the multi to 16X200 mhz fsb and run games no problem ( v-core @ stock 1.325) but I cannot get it to run OCCT past the first minute without error in the medium test settings (runs @ low settings all day)
I tried bumping the vcore in increments of 0.0125 all the way up to 1.4000 and no go :(

I have been able to get the overclock to stick when upping FSB better than the multi but I think I am missing something in the bios, maybe I need to set things that I am unaware of differently. :sweat:

ANYONE using this MOBO have any advice.

THANKS in advance


I don't have that mobo, but I can think of two things you can check: your memory and running temperatures.

First, check if your memory is fully compatible with your mobo (look for the mobo's qualified vendor list).

Also, check if your temperatures are going too high. You may have to invest in extra cooling.