News Biostar: AMD B550 Motherboards Are Ready


Mar 5, 2017
At last some confirmation on B550, hope it doesn't have a chipset fan and has similar VRM's to budget x570 chipsets, Combination of Asus VRM's and high end features with lower price tag would be a nice pick.
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If it would be as budget 570 it would,cost same as budget 570, so They have to something of.
Most likely They will cut vrm and connections. Most people thinks that there is not Pci4.0 or that you get one Pci4.0 port directly from cpu.
But i am sure that we will get info about them Sooner than later.
but They definitely Are gonna be weaker than budget 570 boards, so that They can sell them for less money.
Biostar claims that the information published in Brainbox's interview was "incorrect," but didn't specify what exactly was incorrect. Brainbox has removed specific mention of the chipsets from its live article on the site.
They were likely "incorrect" in speaking about B550 before they were supposed to.
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Nov 21, 2019
I was waiting for the b550 for months but i seriously am getting sooooo damn bored of it. I really want to buy AMD, they've a great product and i understand they want to make profit, but, or they are being greedy or they are just misscalculating because if intel manages to deliver their next gen, they will lose a lot of money.
I wonder how much people is keen to spend money on an x570 board, which are stupidly expensive but wants to wait (so far) for 6 months while waiting for b550 mainboards. I believe that a lot of people will either buy x470/b450 boards or they just wont buy AMD and will go with next-gen intel. This said, i think they are abusing their position. Theyre about to lose a customer with me at least. 6 months for a downgraded chipset is, excuse me for the word, bullshit.
6 months for a downgraded chipset...
3rd-gen Ryzen only came out a little over 4 months ago, not 6 months ago.

Plus, it followed 2nd-gen Ryzen by over 14 months, and 2nd-gen in turn came over 13 months after 1st-gen debuted, so there's probably still at least around 9 months before 4th-gen Ryzen will arrive.

If you really don't want to wait for B550, I don't see much reason why you can't just get a B450 or X470 board. It's not like it will make a difference as far as performance is concerned. There are even boards like MSI's MAX lineup that support the 3rd-gen processors out of the box. Plus, a number of X570 boards that can be had for around US $150, which isn't all that much more than X470, for anyone shopping around that price range.

Perhaps they're giving the motherboard manufacturers a chance to clear inventory first, before introducing boards with the newer chipset. It would be nice to see what the new boards have to offer, but they probably won't be massively different from existing options.