Biostar initial windows install


Apr 28, 2010
Hello, I just put together a new desktop, I'm trying to install windows 7 from a usb drive and I get "disk read error occurred". The usb drive works completely I can boot into it on other computers, the sata hard drive I'm using also works -- I've ran it on another computer and formatted it as NTFS. Sometimes the usb will boot if I do not have the sata drive plugged in, but after it seems to have worked and I plug the sata drive back in I continue to get the disk read error. Has anyone else experienced this with Biostar boards, or in general? I'm beginning to wonder if this board is just finicky with usb drives, and I'm going to have to go buy a dvd drive to load windows.

Here's the hardware:
Biostar TA880GU3+
Phenom II x4
8gb ddr3
WD Caviar Blue SATA 6/Gbps

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Aug 8, 2011
You need to check your BIOS settings, as it may not be a readable source for the OS with a SATA source plugged in. Also, ive never heard of loading a fresh OS from USB. I thought it had to be with the initial CD. IDK, im just not aware of this happening. Sounds like you have a BIOS issue with boot settings though.