Biostar Keeps It Cheap With $16 Racing AM3 Gaming Mouse

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Feb 18, 2016
It's always good to see anything new from Biostar, even if just a mouse. Nothing wrong with the budget approach, though I'd have liked to see less emphasis on budget & software, and more on overall quality, originality, and design.
The AM3 is also a heavy ah heck at 149g.
149 grams would be quite heavy for a gaming mouse, though I'm sure that must include the 1.8 meter braided cable, so it's difficult to say how heavy the actual mouse will be. I can't imagine the mouse itself would use extra-thick materials though, given its budget price. Perhaps they did what Logitech did for my old MX500, and screwed a small block of metal inside to give it a more "premium" feel.

I noticed they didn't mention its USB polling rate, though they did say it could be adjusted in software, so that must mean it's capable of more than 125hz. I also didn't see mention of programmable RGB lighting either, so it might just be like the AM2, where certain colors correspond to certain DPI settings.

One last thing I noticed is that their naming scheme for these mice is a bit odd. Biostar sells socket AM2 and AM3 motherboards, so if you search for these mice, you're going to get a lot of motherboard results. Or maybe this was the plan? Come for the mice, stay for the motherboards?
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