Question BioStar Tz77b MoBo Intermittent No beep No Video No Cmos

Jan 25, 2020
Good Day,

Very strange things are happening with my Biostar TZ77B after changing case. 1st power on after case transfer, no beep, no video, nada. Reset Cmos, power up, not detecting windows. Upgrade Bios to latest version add new cmos battery, power up, not detecting SSD, reboot to bios, change sata configuration and boot order, restart. Powers up, clears post, no bootable device found, reboot to bios, all looks good in bios reboot, no video signal. Power off let it sit while as I scour info to troubleshoot. Remove 1 stick of ram, power up, still no beep no video. Back to troubleshooting. As i'm reading post computer suddenly powers up on it's own, beeps, video on, windows loads like normal. Is there some phenomenon i'm not aware of. Mobo operating on 1 stick. Please enlighten me with anything other than "Ghost in the Machine". I'm all ears.Thanks! BTW I haven't rebooted yet. I'll wait for responses.