Bioware Shares Plans For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Patches

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Apr 27, 2013
"Glad I waited to get this one."

Ditto, dont think ill bother till there is a game of the year edition. Assuming there ever is one.

Emanuel Elmo

Mar 21, 2014
what? another broken game at release.... no way... this is unheard of... they must have been having an off 5 years for development of this game.

Alec Mowat

Jan 8, 2014
This game is a reference the state of the gaming industry in 2017. This is going to start falling apart in the next 5 years, it's becoming obvious at this point.
There's three major reasons why:

1. Consoles are terrible.

All three (Switch, PS4, Xbone) are under powered and can't provide the hardware standards these developers are looking for. They sold poorly and there isn't much hype. Some people will defend their consoles, but Microsoft and Sony already released hardware refreshes to replace their hardware. The Switch is literally a tablet that will end up with a library of indie and Android games.

2. Millennial are getting older.

Not all of Gen Y isn't going to be gaming for ever. This is a huge market for gaming companies, and they are losing confidence quickly in some of these big studios. Not to mention they are just getting older, working more, having families and different priorities. When they were younger, they would easily throw away $40-50 dollars a week on every new title, but with a lack of innovation in the gaming markets, they are going to start saving for homes, or retirement in the coming years and spend far less.

3. Gen Z isn't going to fall into the trap.

The next generation covers a lot of big trends currently in gaming and media. The first being Nostalgia. Gen Z doesn't have Nostalgia about Mario, Zelda, their first NES, or the first time they played Mass Effect. They are not going to remember the good times they had playing CoD the first time, when the latest version comes out. In their perspective, there will already be 8 versions of the same game already on the market, considering you can still buy them all online. They are not going to be familiar with remakes, re-imagines or re-releases to old titles.
You can almost compare this to how well marketing Woodstock to Millennials would work. No one was there, we don't remember it, most of us can't name 5 bands that even played. Why would I buy the latest Santana CD for $20, when I can get one of his original, better albums for $5 online?

There are other big factors too, but I think they fall into these categories for the most part. Companies trying to push some type of message, either political or social justice, is going to cause financial backlash. The concept of implementing censorship and introducing unlikable characters that you are forced to associate with is terrible for gaming. I also don't thin Gen Z is going to buy a bad product because they feel like they are making the world a better place.


Jun 4, 2012
I always laugh my a** off when EA fanboi's get butthurt because you point out that they paid $60 for what's less than a beta version that EA isn't going to fix. I'm glad yet again that I haven't bought, much less preordered one of these in a long long time.


Sep 8, 2009
The severity of the issues with this game is far overreacted, the game isn't that broken. Sure it has some issues with the graphics and all that, but ALL games have that today. Tell me a major AAA game today that didn't get a 0day patch and that didn't get several patches afterwards that fixed various technical issues with the game. Sometimes it seems people whine just because they can, and in many cases they whine without having ever played the game in the first place.

I got this game the day it was released and I've had a blast with it. I run it at 4K res with full 60fps and it looks great. And apart from minor graphical issues it's been rock solid, far more stable than I had with games such as GTA V, Just Cause 3 or Fallout 4 where I had more issues getting them to run properly.


Dec 17, 2009
Got the game and played for around 30-40hr's, it runs pretty darn well and have been providing good entertainment value thus far. That said its not fully at 100% but haven't seen anything to point near the catastrophic state some here claims it's in...


Jun 15, 2006
I honestly haven't ran into any real bugs.
My issue with the game is the horrible dialog and writing.
It's as if they had interns all sketch in placeholder dialog and then never had the writers come back and finish it.

Jeff Fx

Jan 2, 2015

I didn't wait to buy it, but I am waiting to play it since all the bad reviews came out.


Aug 16, 2006
"compare this to how well marketing Woodstock to Millennials would work. No one was there, we don't remember it, most of us can't name 5 bands that even played."

@ALEC MOWAT You know the funny thing about "Millennials"? That they all think they are so relevant and everything has to be about them. Let me clue you in. Business' only care about one thing, and that's making money. They pretend to care what you think because they think you have money to spend. What they are starting to realize however, is that the no-job, living with mom 'til I'm 30, won't get a license, crying about mah free stuff generation doesn't have the wallets that rest of us have. You know, the generation that understands most people (ex pewdiepie) can't download money and actually have to work for a living. That the most important things aren't our social media profiles and making sure everyone likes us, but having a stable source of income. That very income that allows us to spend $800 on a new 1080Ti, and $60 on a worthless crap game like this.

That said, I'm never buying this game, and I'm something of an N7 Superfan. It's an abomination, and Aaryn Flynn should be fired for numerous reasons, not the least of which is this ridiculous misuse of a beloved franchise.

One last thing. I WAS THERE when Mario was released to the world. 30 years later, they are still selling games with him in it, and my kids when they get old enough will play those games too, incl the NES classic, because it's easy for kids to understand. Unlike many "millenials", I have the pockets to drop a few hundred bucks to buy re-release consoles and old games because nostalgia. Nintendo understands that, and it's why they will continue to succeed.
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