BitFenix Colossus liquid/water cooling?


Mar 25, 2012
guys just bought a colossus and i plan to watercool it eventually.
gonna go with some fan coolling to start, probably a noctua or something high end. but eventually want to do my own water cooling in it.

i want to put the highly regarded Swiftech H20 220 Edge HD into it, or perhaps the upgrade the Ultima (for a more authentic "custom watercooling loop")

but can my case fit the 240 rad up the top? and also i dont think thats enough, eventually i would need another rad. maybe a 140 somewhere? but where?

help me get started fellas
1] Yes it can take a top mounted 240 Rad.
2] You can mount a external 140 Rad or alternatively with some modding have it pass a bottom mounted 140 Rad prior to passing the 240 Rad for better cooling prior to passing the CPU block.

If you want better cases for cooling look at the Switch 810 which is literally build for high end water cooling the 500R carbide is not to bad, the 800D, HAF X are good options too.