Bitfenix Enso Mid-Tower Case Review

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Asus aura sync ready, vertical gpu mounting, tinted tempered glass, adequate thermals with a bottom fan but alas no USB 3.1
Almost all the smartphones now are USB type C. Make it mainstream!
I think this would be a pretty good case with an aio and a couple of fans.


Aug 17, 2015
I can understand with the appeal for RGB support and that stylish design. But they had to cut costs with flimsy HDD trays and a single SSD mount. And the really inefficient intake....

That shouldn't be the compromise. A few stylized vents or slits with mesh on the front panel would have rendered the front filters unnecessary and improved the temps drastically.


Jun 26, 2016
Tbh for 90 bucks it's pretty mediocre, bitfix has made better cases then this at the same price range. It looks pretty, but that's about it.
Why isn't there a 3rd dust filter for the top fan?
The HHD trays look flimsy and coolermaster has a faster toolless mechanism fot their 50$ case.
The HDD cage and the PSU shroud are riveted into place as well.
You noted that the PSU was a tight for for 200mm, and most PSU's are rather large (evga's supernova, corsair RM 650 X) How much of a tight fit was installing the PSU?

Such as closed off front panel makes it uncanny, but I do like the design and noise reduction. I have a Fractal Design R5 (was 100 euros when I bought it) myself with two 140mm fans, and opening the door does drop CPU and GPU temperatures by 5-8 degrees but increases noise. How does this fair for the bitfix enso?

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
[quotemsg=20384070,0,362640]Where's the air intake to feed the front fans? Is it just a narrow slot in the bottom?[/quotemsg]Gamer's Nexus answered my question: YES!
This case has abyssmal airflow and requires a fan to draw air in at the top to provide some sort of useful CPU cooling.
Cooling the video card is a PITA...

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