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BitLocker Bug Is Locking Out Some Surface 2 Owners

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Nov 5, 2007
This is not restricted to Surface.... I have seen this 'bug' in bitlocker from many vendors (and on Windows 7 and 8). Its the way bitlocker works. Bitlocker identifies that your harddrive is connected to the correct motherboard by verifying the TPM chip that is on the motherboard. Any firmware update that may cause any changes may trigger a prompt from bitlocker.

The way to prevent that is to disable bitlocker BEFORE you do then firmware update then re enable after.

'manage-bde.exe -protectors -disable c: <or whatever drive is encrypted>
update firmware reboot
'manage-bde.exe -protectors -enable c:'
reboot again and you shouldn't be prompted

I think Lenovo warns you when you try to do a firmware update to disable encryption. Microsoft should do the same but if this is the same issue I've run into its not a bug its how bitlocker works.


Dec 11, 2013
NSA allready got all the info from Google. I know lots of Surface RT users and none had this issue. I guess more people have to restart theit scroogled device every minute the users are affected by this hickup.


Still happening on Surface 2 devices. I gave one to a relative for Xmas. Now she can't get past the bitlocker prompt on start up.

Bitlocker must be a default option on these tablets as she just OK'd through the setup screens.

The unfortunate part here is the Hotmail account she used to sign in to this tablet has a secondary mail account that is no longer active. In order to get the bitlocker code, you need access to the secondary account (even though you can login to the primary).

Woopsies Microsoft?! No wonder people aren't catching the Surface wave! When simply logging into a device is a support call, your device is not going to gain in popularity.
Not open for further replies.