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Question bitlocker on windows 10 malfunctioning


May 3, 2017

So I decided to encrypt my drives using windows 10 bitlocker, everything was going good, the drives where being encrypted and they were on 25% or something like that. While it was encrypting I accidentally did a restart, when I booted back up I had to enter the password I made for the encryption although the encryption had not finished when I did the restart, do I entered it and arrived to the screen where I had to enter my password, I got in and about 10 second passed and blue screen, I restart and and the same thing happened. I restart again and I'm stuck on a black screen with the white rotating dots, I restart again and blue screen on the log in screen, then i got into recovery more, I had to put in the recovery keys that i got when I started the encryptions, I entered them and then had to enter my password, I know what my password is put I'm being now said on the recovery screen that my password is wrong, what do I do?

edit: Thought I'd add that in the recovery screen I cant even roll back updates or reset my computer.
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