Question BitLocker unilaterally locked my external hard drive without being asked

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Jan 7, 2012
I installed an NVME m.2 SSD in a laptop and loaded a bunch of content onto it. Used it fine for several months. I then sold the laptop, removed the hard drive, and installed it in my desktop only to discovered that the drive was now encrypted by BitLocker. This was a shock to me, because until this point, I had never even heard of BitLocker. I removed the hard drive and tried installing it in several other computers, but it remains locked everywhere. Unfortunately, I sold the original laptop before this problem came up, so I cannot test the drive in that computer.

Once again, I can assure you all that I have no recovery keys, because as I said, I did not lock the device, nor had I ever even heard of BitLocker until this time. (I checked anyway, there are not recovery keys to be found).

Is there any way to unlock this drive, or am I screwed and will have to format the drive to get access back?

By the nature of the encryption, you would need access to that original PC, which is why I recommend checking all components work after swapping them before getting rid of the old hardware. Unfortunately, you have pretty much covered all your bases here.

As per forum rules, we cant help bypass protection on any devices.
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