Jul 25, 2003
first i want to say im not a computer guru, so bare with me.

im a 3d artist and i just graduated college and am about to move back home until i find a job. so im trying to do some upgrading on my personal computer seeing as i wont be using my schools facilities any longer. right now im trying to setup dual monitors. so i just got a 19in monitor used online for total price of $130 which im pretty happy with. now im waiting on the graphics card i ordered. heres a link to it.


unfortunatly it doesnt have dual vga ports. but i guess theres dvi to vga adapters right? so the card seems pretty good but im having my doubts now cause it was only $150 or something like that. it has 256mb memory but ive heard of people getting 256 and being unhappy and they say its cause the bit is too low. ARE THEY REFERRING TO THE BIT OF THE MEMORY OR WHAT? or is there a bit to the overall card itself?

anyway does anyone have any clue as to if the card i ordered is any good or not?

please help.


Former Staff
Not all cards are compatable with DVI to VGA adapters. Somer are, some aren't. Normally they're supposed to use a DVI-I connector for those that are, and a DVI-D connector for those that aren't. However, most companies figured out that it was cheaper to only stock one connector type, so you can't even tell that way anymore. You have to figure it out on your own by reading literature, or if you're crafty like me you can look at a detailed picture of the actual card and see if it has a second RAMDAC needed for conversion.

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