News Bitspower RGB Waterblocks Ready for RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Founders Edition Cards

Feb 20, 2021
I purchased this "Heatblock" for my RTX 3090 FE, but the backplate does NOT mediate the high temperatures on the back due to the additional RAM. Bitspower is aware, and unwilling to address the known lack of quality control. They are using a backplate designed for graphics cards with NO RAM on the back of the card, and it shows in the Memory Junction Temperature. This Heatblock did little to change the temperatures of the GPU with respect to the stock fan and heatsink. The Memory temps on the back of this card are still 70-105C under heavy workloads. The RAM on this card is the weakest link and will inevitable fail prematurely if not thermally regulated properly. The card still throttles as it warms up due to the RAM on the back not being cooled sufficiently regardless of the GPU temp sitting at 50-55C. This is my first and last purchase with Bitspower. (I have sent numerous emails and have only been receiving evasive responses and deflection) I do not recommend this company.