Question Bizarre issue with ssd and its sudden disapearence


Nov 9, 2015
I bought a low budget 128 GB ssd for a low budget pc i already had, it worked fine until one day it started crashing randomly, it froze and if i was fast enough to reconnect the power cable the system would resume just fine this went on for months and it happened 2/3 times a day depending on how long the PC was turned on but it happened everyday with out fail, a couple weeks ago i installed an older version of intel graphics for my g4400 as i wanted a older version because the newer ones available for my cpu said my cpu wasnt suported for some reason and some new but not as new ones didnt work with what i wanted which was OBS enconding with QSV as i wanted how far i could push this chip(btw it streams most games at 1080p 50 fps at 6000mbps with no fps drops) and after installing for an old suported driver i found one installed and the SSD problem for some reason disappeared, i didnt post this on the help sub section as is not help to solve the problem that i need but rather would like some opinions on how a Igpu driver could fix a problem with a drive.