Question Bizarre RGB Fans Issue


Mar 19, 2019
Hoping someone can help. I have 6x Aerocool Eclipse ARGB Fans which are connected to a 6 fan hub which is controlled by an RF remote (controls fan speed, lights, etc etc).

If I run the fans on low speed, I get the LEDs flickering on several of the fans. Ie, on orange they'll keep flicking white for a split second. If I run the fans on max speed I get zero flickering.

Here's the absolutely blizzare bit though; if I run a game (so GPU usage goes above 80%), they flicker away like mad, no matter what speed I have the LED fans set to.

I am therefore certain that there is some interference coming from either my graphics card or PSU cables that is interfering with the fans. I know this because if I connect the fans to the original hub (which is only controlled by the reset switch, no remote) they work perfectly, except they're fixed at max speed which is why Aerocool sent me the RF controlled hub because I couldn't get PWM to work.

Does anyone have any solutions? I've tried wrapping the hub in tin foil to reduce interference but I think it's the cables, as I got it to a point with zero flickering earlier, however every time I went to put the metal side panel on the fans flicker again. Seriously, no metal side panel now means no flicker, the moment I go near the case with the metal side panel the fans flicker again. I also think it's the cables because even if I swap several of the fan plugs around on the hub, it's still the same fans which flicker the most (some others only flicker very rarely).

Anyone with a physics degree willing to help I'd be most grateful haha! It's got me scratching my head for days now!

Ps. I have obviously rotated the fan connections around the hub, but they all flicker. I have also changed the SATA plug and that doesn't help.