[SOLVED] Bizarre USB Power Issues

Jun 23, 2022
Hi All,

I've been noticing very odd behavior from my various USB accessories as of late, and especially when using multiple at once. I've got the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Mobo, and a 750 watt PSU, and yet under certain circumstances I can make my mouse fizzle out on command essentially (steelseries rival 650). To elaborate, I've been having calls lately over zoom and I use my mic(antlion usb), camera(standard logitech 1080p), and mouse all plugged into one powered USB hub (anker 7 port one). The mouse, which is both wired and wireless, will constantly shut off, and when shutting off, cause headphone crackling (DAC plugged directly into MOBO, has its own power (DACMagic 200m). In another scenario, if I play the video game Apex Legends, and stream the game to discord, I get similar crackling and shut off, with the mouse freezing up before giving out. And lastly, when alt-tabbing between remote desktop and current desktop, I get another crackle and shut off. I can sometimes unplug and replug the mouse to get some life, but in these scenarios where I assume I'm overloading SOMETHING the mouse cannot handle it. Any suggestions as to where to head from here? I've tried resetting the firmware on the mouse and reinstalling USB hub drivers. Feeling lost and in need of some components wisdom.

Thank you,