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Posting this in Win 10 - could go other places. Win 10 Pro 1809 full patch etc. No problems.. solid .. working fine.

All of a sudden - for no apparent reason - all my programs installed on my D drive are trashed. C Drive (system) is fine... E drive (Games) is fine … just D drive (apps).
If I look in control panel (add/remove progs) the programs are still there.. (so they not been uninstalled).. some App directories on D drive are gone.. others seem have many files, but just the main .exe is gone (iTunes.exe) and others seem to have directories, with just some stubs

Anyone ever seen such a thing? or know where I might look to find out how this happened? (what might I look for in event log files for example)

Last prog I updated on that drive was yesterday midday, and it was broken by evening. But I tested it after updating and it was working fine.. but was trashed like all others on D drive by evening.

System is protected by Kaspersky Total protection - which has never let me down..

Never seen anything like it.. any ideas anyone?


Mar 10, 2019
You might want to get around to dumping Kaspersky, too.

Governmental agencies and US industries are prohibiting it's use for logical reasons.

Why private users are encouraged to continue taking the risk is pretty irresponsible, IMHO.

Your call, though.


Thanks Guys..
@wpgwpg .. yes.. I should really do the equivalent of "have you turned it off and on again" ;) .. I will do the chkdsk and scans (though the drive shows as "good" on SMART checks). Virus and Malwarebytes... will report back.
Oh - I should point out D drive is a partition on same Physical hard drive of E drive (which was not impacted), so while physical issues cannot be discounted.. would be strange to see such issues on D.. and no impact on E.
Also - strange a virus/malware would restrict itself to D drive.. but I guess it possible.. could be a crap virus.. but would hope Kaspersky get those. but as I say - will do the checks and get back

@AllanGH.. yes.. saw all that .. also saw that Kaspersky rates V highly on detection tests.. and have passed all their code through independent scrutiny to ensure no back doors for Kremlin to exploit etc.. passed my sniff test.. seems to have failed US "Paranoia sniff test".. but can understand US.. sure they rather you use a product where NSA have a back door... LOL ;)

Will get back to confirm result of scans.
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@AllanGH Nice.. whatever you linked to - required me to accept agreements... I said to "check purposes" and rejected all .. and it showed nothing .. so god know what you trying link to me.. May be an IE issue..but prob best I rejected. If you would like to make a point - please do so personally.


OK - chkdsk showed no problems and antivirus and Malwarebytes scans showed nothing (well malwarebytes showed some warnings to try make you think you need it - but no actual malware).


Yes.. I had already done that.. but nothing jumps out.. and to tell you the truth - whatever did it - not sure it thought it was doing it in error.. whatever did it - thought it was doing what it was supposed to do (some rogue update or something) .. so would not necessarily show as "error" or "Critical" etc in logs..
I am still mystified.. I have reinstalled all .. but without knowing what happened.. cant be sure it wont happen again :/
I have now set up a backup -routine for that drive.. so if it happens again - I can even more easily recover.

Still interested if anyone has ideas