Question Black Bar on the bottom of the screen of LG UltraGear 27GN950-B when on 144Hz.

Sep 25, 2022

Suddenly my monitor (LG27GN950) had a black bar on the bottom of the screen. This is how it starter. Did some testing and I found out that the bar vanishes instantly if I lower Hz to 120 or 60. My secondary monitor has no issues (caps on 60Hz anyway). I did change DP cables between, nothing changed. I found out that it triggers when I use the option (on the Monitors UI settings) DP 1.4 DSC when the black bar is up, if I use just DP 1.4 it doesn't appear as long as it caps my monitor on 120Hz.

The tricky part is that the black bar fades away after 10-15 minutes of usage. So when LG support took the Monitor to check the issue they found nothing wrong with it. After a whole good week they told me they can't see any problems.

The black bar is just the one issue at this point, cause it seems the monitor has hard time coping. When I play anything, the colours look shaky and the brighter they are they leave a trail. I wish I could capture that on screen to share.

Anything I could try? Is my monitor done? Feel free to ask anything I might forgetting to add, its about a month plus that this issue is on and I am kinda getting exhaustedd with it.