Question Black display on ASUS X200MA netbook, tried almost everything and nothing helps

Apr 12, 2022
Hi there everyone,

Not sure if this should go here or to laptop tech issues, but anyway. I’ve got a problem with an old ASUS X200MA netbook that I own, but its screen won’t turn on. Let me explain the issue in more detail as I tried to fix it lately, but with limited success.

I bought it first in 2015, but then at some time in 2017 I accidentally broke the screen. I took it to some not-really-good tech service shop and they changed the screen for a new one. But a couple of months after that the new screen started either going black when I turned on the netbook or it was showing black screen with grey lines.

The laptop itself was turning on but the screen remained non-functional in this or that way.

Long story short, I ended up getting a new laptop and forgot about this one. But now I looked at it again and thought that I’d be nice to have a netbook at hand. Small laptops that they make now are really similar when it comes to hardware, but they’re quite expensive.

A couple of weeks ago I started googling how I can resolve the issue and found this video (
) where a guy fixes the same problem on the same netbook by manually resetting CMOS via taking out the CR2023 battery from the motherboard and then putting it in again.

I did it and Voila, the laptop screen turned on perfectly and the netbook entered BIOS. I was really happy, assembled it back again (I didn’t change any setting in BIOS that time and simply turned the netbook off), and tried to turn it on (it had to be always connected to the power cable since the battery had already died). And it didn’t turn on again this time or any other time up until now since I couldn’t fix it. Here’s the list of things I tried to do.

1. Taking out the CMOS battery once again for a minute and short-circuiting the battery terminal as per ASUS support page ( Didn’t work.

2. I bought a new laptop battery. It now works unplugged, but the screen problem is still there.

3. I had an even older netbook that worked, but was too slow to run. It had the same screen model, which is B116XW03 V.2. I changed the screen on ASUS for the new one and it still doesn’t work. Now there are no grey lines and the screen is simply pitch black whilst the netbook powers on alright.

4. I installed a new CMOS battery since the previous one was like 6 years old. Didn’t work.

In other words, nothing worked. I have to say I had some problems with connecting the LVDS cable when I changed the screens, could I have damaged it? Should I get a new one? Also, the cooler on the motherboard doesn’t work. I can’t really say whether it’s from now or earlier, I didn't really notice it and can’t say.

All components in this laptop are integrated onto the motherboard, i.e. RAM, CPU, and GPU. So there should be no component connection issues. The LVDS cable is connected to all three outputs, i.e. screen, motherboard, and camera. Nothing happens when I touch and move the contacts on LVDS and screen.

And I tried to connect the netbook to a TV using an HDMI-to-HDMI cable and the TV didn’t show anything, it said there was no signal. Maybe I connected it wrong? Would VGA work better? As far as I understand, if there are no respective drivers, HDMI-to-HDMI may not work.

The weirdest thing to me is that it actually turned on completely normally when I reset the CMOS battery for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated, I have fond memories about this netbook and this is kind of a challenge for me to revive this guy. Thanks a lot to everyone!