Question black display on second screen but everything is detected by windows and acting normally

Mar 19, 2021
hello, im having some display issues maybe someone can help me with
im not sure if my adapter is bad out of the box or if its a setting/driver issue
i have my main display on hdmi its working great, but the gtx970 only has one hdmi port, so i have a dvi cable with an adapter to go to vga, which has always worked in the past
but now i go to hook it all back up and the card detects my second moniter and even knows its a samsung everything acts like i have 2 displays but the samsung screen is black
if i switch cables and run the samsung on hdmi and the other on vga its the same thing main hdmi on the samsung works as well as the tv works, and the second is a black screen but windows thinks all is well
both displays work, all the ports work, i know the cable is good, the adapter is new cuz i lost my old one