Question Black dots on screen while using 144Hz mode.

Nov 11, 2019
Hello, guys!

I have an LG 34UC79G 21:9 gaming monitor, capable of 144Hz. I used to use it that way but I have reinstalled windows a short time after I got it and I forgot to change the refresh rate back to 144Hz...for years :D Nevertheless, a week ago I started to use it in 144Hz again, changing the settings in Nvidia control panel.

However whenever I'm looking at light/dark gray screens (like whenever I play games that have that type of art design/color in general) there can be noticed 4 darker dots, roughly few mm in diameter, placed as a corners of a perfect rombhoid on my screen, starting from 5-6 cms of each side at the middle of that side (if this makes sense). Aside of these, it looks like as if noticable vertical lines were also been there.

First I thought that something has burnt into my screen as it truly looks sg like that, but one of my friends own a same monitor and he noticed this as well (we changed to 144Hz the same time). When I change back to 60, these lines and dots disappear.

Q: what causes this? Why is this? Error, malfunction? Is there a workaround? Am I missing sg? I'd like to use my monitor in 144hz, it is more cozy and looks better (although darker, but I guess it is fine).

Thank you for your help!