Black Hawk Down walkthrough - last stand



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Does anyone know of a complete walkthrough? Otherwise, I need some help in
the Last Stand mission - after laying the satchels to blow up the mortar
positions, I'm told to wait meet up with the rest of the guys. I hang out
where the map tells me but no action - any help appreciated.


Archived from groups: (More info?)

Sorry this post is a bit late (I only just came across your question) and
you may already have resolved the problem but this may help if you are
still stuck.

(a) Have you detonated the satchel charges? Press the '8' key to bring up
the detonator, make sure you and any team members have retreated to a safe
distance then press the button. This should trip the end sequence and you
will get a radio command telling you to go to the rescue convoy which
breaks through the wall and goes to the front of the buidling where your
buddies are.

(b) If you have blown up the mortars and nothing happens, you may have
missed one of ths mission objectives. Although this shouldn't affect the
final game outcome, each completed objective has an action trigger that
sets further objectives. It may be that you have missed one and this is
inhibiting the trigger for the final rescue squence. One of the objectives
is the wipe out the mortar crew so if one of the bad guys is sill lurking
around amongst the rubble, this may be stopping the final trigger.

(c) It may be a bug from an older game version. Perhaps there is a patch
that may help.

This is a difficult mission when you first play it and it took me about 6
attempts to get the pattern down right so I could get through without a
save. I have to admit that I was so dumb that it was only after the 6th
try I suddenly realised that you end up outside the front door of the
building which you left when you started the mission - duh!

My prefered loadout is the scoped M21 (for sniping the area around the
square where the mortars are located), shotgun for close quarter work and
the satchel charges. The default loadout is the CAR15/203 and a pistol
which doesn't give enough distance advantage when taking out the multiple
50 cal technicals that litter the final action area.

When you get into the mortar square there are 6 technicals at various ket
points, pick these off one at a time from the prone position using corners
of buildings, cracks between wreckage or the lean-out keys 'W' or 'E'.
Always use your binoculars 'B' to scout ahead and watch each scene through
the binoculars for a good 15 seconds without moving - it's amazing how you
can pick up slight movements from the enemy that betray their location,
even when they're around a corner or hiding. Although I use natural light
for most of this mission, I always flick between night vision and natural
light to check for snipers in windows as the NVG give better contrast
aganist a dark background.

This is hardly a walkthrough, but I hope this helps in some way to wrap up
the mission so you move on to the Mogadishu Mile, which, if you thought
'Last Stand' was bad, will have you sweating in terror, waiting for the
next sniper round with your name on it!

Good luck.