Black Ops 2 Crashes. Help?

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Mother Gerald

Nov 14, 2012
Since i bought blops2 its hasn't worked right, at first it would just completely crash on launch of any part of the game. Now the single player runs fine, but zombies and multiplayer don't work, they just crash on the loading screen. I have tried re-installing the game as a whole and the individual parts but it didn't work. My laptop is good enough to run the game so, i run the single player at 30-50fps, what gives? Any help would be awesome!

Laptop Specs:
Intel i7-3610QM @ 2.30Ghz w/ smart boost to 3.4Ghz.
GTX660M Graphics Card
Also w/ Intel HD Graphics 4000 (but Nvidia settings set to use the Nvidia card)
Windows 7 Home Premium

I can play other games fine such as Skyrim and New Vegas, Modern Warfare 3, Borderlands 2 etc.

I have a desktop that i mainly use for gaming but its just annoying that this cant play this game. And also my Desktop is getting a replacement CPU at this time.

(I have tried reinstalling the video drivers)

ANY help at all would be great!


#1 Call of Duty Blacks Ops 2 Crash Fixes
All right, there can be multiple reasons for your game to crash. Reasons for crashes and their possible solutions highlighted by Treyarch are as follows:
If you are getting a crash while in the lobby, then make sure that you check that it has Nuketwon in it or not. If you have pre-ordered the game, you will be fine otherwise, join some other lobby.
Make sure that your on-board sound device and PCI sound card aren’t enabled at the same time (disable one). The crash can also occur due to sound drivers conflict so make sure that you are using the up-to-date drivers.
Your game can crash if you try to change resolution while live streaming.
If you get a team error after selecting update when prompted with a “Game Settings Have Changed” message. Launching the game again will resolve this.
You may also want to runs some installers manually to avoid random crashes. Exit Steam and run the following installers:
..\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\vcredist_x86.exe
…\Steamapps\Common\Call of Duty Black Ops II\redist\DirectX\dxsetup.exe

#2 Black Ops 2 Error – Could not load default asset ‘fonts/720/consolefont’ for asset type ‘font’
It is language related so if you are Polish or Russian, change the English language to local to resolve the issue.

#3 Black Ops 2 Error – Dependency Failure Error When Launching Game
It can occur due to incomplete installation of the game. Installing all components of the game (Singleplayer, Multiplayer, & Zombies) before launching can fix the issue.

#4 Black Ops 2 Crashes At Boat Scene in the Second Mission
This issue is specifically related to Nvidia drivers. You can follow this link for the fix.

#5 Black Ops 2 – DirectX Encountered An Unrecoverable Error
You can try out the following to fix this issue:
Verify your cache
Make sure no other background programs(like anti-virus) are running, you might need to temporary remove them.
Re-install your graphics driver
The error can also pop-up due to the multi-monitors. You should disable one to make it work.
Re-installing BLOPS 2 may work as a last resort.

#6 Black Ops 2 Crash – Dependency Failure
You should try the solutions mentioned in #1 to resolve the issue.

#7 Black Ops 2 Decryption Code Error
This error is related to incomplete installation. Make sure that all the components of the game (SP, MP and Zombies) have been fully installed before you launch the game.

#8 Black Ops 2 Error During Update
If you have pre-loaded the game, then I will recommend that you uninstall the game and proceed with a fresh install. It’s worth of a shot if nothing else is working.

#9 Black Ops 2 Freezes on Launch
If you have an Nvidia card then you should give these drivers a go. Also make sure that you are not running the game on Windows XP as Black Ops 2 doesn’t support it.

#10 Black Ops 2 Cut-scene Lag/Stuttering
It has no technical aspect. You just need to lower down your graphics (try depth of Field first) a bit to make the experience smoother.

#11 Black Ops 2 Steam Download Stuck on 96% Or Like That
If your download is not proceeding further, and it’s been ages, you should try restarting Steam and your PC. This can fix your problem, and the download will continue.

#12 Black Ops 2 Server Issue – Getting Kicked Every time
If your firewall is not blocking the game then there is no fault at your end. It’s the problem faced by a considerable amount of people and the devs are already working on a fix. So yes, it should work magically after some update before you enter a server.

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current list of known issues and fixes.


Nov 18, 2012

From what I've read and am experiencing with the game myself, I believe the game has a few patches to run through. I experience random game crashes (I know it's not on my end.) I have some friends that experience them as well. I even have one friend who can't connect to certain maps. (and since yesterday, none) I could be wrong, but I honestly think most of these problems come from the game development teams end. Hopefully they'll be fixed with the patches they are currently working on. Just make sure you keep updating your game with the latest patches as they come out. Right now, this game is running pretty sloppy for A LOT of people.
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