Black ops 2 LOADING!!


Nov 27, 2012
hello all!

I recently got black ops 2 and it runs fine but.... it takes for every to load! like when I play its fine, but while its loading zombies or regular campaign it takes forever!!!
here are my specs.

ASROCK z77 pro4
Samsung 830 SSD
G. SKILL Ripjawsx

No graphics card yet but soon.

And also on level 4 after I start seeing the numbers my screen goes black and there's nothing at all. If I hit pause it shows the the mouse arrow and makes the clicking noes of the menu options but there's nothing only way to solve this is by closing out. PLEASE help! :bounce:
sounds like its unsupported gfx although i should imagine the on board would work with it as its shader model 5.0 i think.
as for the slow loading. its odd if its on the ssd. it should be near instantaneous. unless your joining a server based game for which it has to load up a server list. dig through it to find a siutable host with a well balance player rank list and then joins...

you can use apps like process explorer to help you debug and look at what files are being used and if parts of windows is bugging out on you.
dont forget to check the control pannel admin tools /event virewer. for errors and information i find the 2 best parts are applications and system. also the critical errors can give good pointers to file crashes or the causes of files closing without crashing.